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IGS - Remapping and chip tuning Remapping and chip tuning is an easy cost-effective way of obtaining more power from your vehicle by re-writing the ecu program that controls your cars engine.we use pro-tune remaps and can typically give you anything upto 30% gain in power,drivability and increased fuel efficiency.

Every single vehicle that we remap is custom tuned specifically for your needs using the original software in your vehicle, whether you require a performance remap, economy remap or if you just require more bottom end torque to help with towing caravans, we can help you get what you want from the remap, please note that it is important to use the original software from your vehicle as it may have had critical updates when getting serviced at the dealers, if a generic tuning file is used you will lose these important updates, some tuning companies don't care about this as it is quicker for them to just stick a tuned file straight into your vehicle because they don't want to spend the time it takes to custom tune each one. We always tune each individual vehicle, this also allows us to fine tune it by removing flat spots and turbo lag, something that many of our competitors fail to do.

Our prices will range from £300–£450 depending on vehicle so give us a call today to discuss your requirements.